Hey, I made a podcast. Come listen at once!


  1. Jennifer says:

    Tighten it up, and add a touch of reverb; you sound like you’re in a closet. Otherwise, good first attempt!


    1. Thanks for your notes.


  2. droll53 says:

    Another Unsolicited Rant:
    I think that backing up from the mic is the way to go. Start by adjusting angles and distances. Perhaps try sitting in front of a soft backdrop/surface, (even a sheet over a bookcase) experiment with how it sounds after each listen; maybe through headphones. People listen through headphones because podcasts are mobile. I could mail you blue tooth headphones if you need. I have a problem with collecting.
    Let me know. Editing sound with software is time consuming.

    Over all, I liked it; albeit it was a tad rambling.

    Amadeus is good sound software/shareware but it’s Mac. Record into it and make cuts?

    “Survival of the fittest” is a rational-lies-ation/pretext to make bullying okay. We have to stop dismissing people who do essential work as “less than.” Just try to do a check out counter for 7.5 hour a day (7.5 because the corp wants to skimp out on benefits.) it it not easy and mind numbingly boring. My own job is boring; but I could afford to make the joke that they pay us extra to be bored. Cashiers and wait staff do not have that luxury.
    It’s fundamentally wrong to make human beings work at poverty level wages. It’s indentured servitude. Nobody at the top does the math and takes the time to consider how they would survive.

    Have you read about James Autry, former boss at Meredith? He considered his underlings as valuable. He wrote about his dealings with them; I consider him enlightened.

    I was glad to get your blog in my email today; I have been worried for you.

    I really liked the ending of you podcast. You write/communicate to make a change in society towards Kindness. Thank you!


    1. With compliments like these, who needs a punch in the face?


      1. droll53 says:

        Holy crow! I’m so sorry. Read the rest at your own peril. (Oh god. I’m mortified. I get excited by stuff and run off at the mouth. Foot in mouth idiocy.)

        Comments. Just another non sequitur rant of unsolicited shit that I have no business saying and apologize for, in advance…

        “Wow.” I said. “That music made me sit up and notice.” And you had me as a listener.

        A thought about the BLM protests. Is the DSM face/leader of BLM a resident? I don’t know about our people protesting, I see they are kids. But when I saw them jumping on police officers, I was waiting for shots to ring out. I know there are professional agitators in the country, do you suspect there could be some here? I am so proud of our officers for the restraint they showed dealing with the affront.

        My suggestion about the sheet was a recommendation to cheaply damp the room behind you; so your voice doesn’t bounce off hard surfaces and sounds more personal. You have a great radio/podcast voice; it has the deep timbers. You want a podcast to be personal, (IMO) like you are sitting right with your listener. Anything soft absorbs placed behind you softens the sound. [I think the reverb suggestion might be the wrong direction.] I like the old time radio effect in the beginning, too. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.” Your Exile. The music expressed that well.

        I wish I was still doing physical labor. I could see listening to this while unloading trucks. I don’t subscribe to many podcasts these days because I don’t listen with my headphones as much.

        A lot of postal workers do listen to podcasts while performing rote tasks. If we do, so do other manual laborers. Somehow, figure out your niche.

        If someone offers to sponsor this podcast (fingers crossed), take it seriously and enlist another person to joke with you and build an the ad. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given up on a podcast or video because the host thought they could do the ad by themself. Nobody likes the ads.

        I wanted to listen again through headphones to test the validity of my sound improvement suggestions. Perhaps they aren’t necessary because you sound just fine. Maybe it’s the phone speaker. I didn’t get the time, so YMMV on that.

        Soldier on, Paragraph Stacker. Peace to you.


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