HOT SHEET: Thank God! ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and ‘Fargo’ are back … and other crap, too

Monday, Sept. 28, 2020

From the desk of Daniel P. Finney, sergeant of the watch, Drake Neighborhood Station, Des Moines, Iowa.

ITEM ONE: “The Simpsons” returned with another episode that seems like most of the episodes from the last 20 years. The typist notes that in 1991, American parents believed Bart Simpson’s flippant flouting of authority would lead to the downfall of society. Now “The Simpsons” are a part of Disney+ kid-friendly streaming service. Yet as “The Simpsons” enter a 32nd season of endlessly edifying the incalculable stupidity of Homer Simpson, society actually feels on the verge of permanent fracture due in no small part to people as dumb as or dumber than Homer.

ITEM TWO: “Family Guy” returned. The series feels only slightly less perfunctory than “The Simpsons.” Most episodes are good for two jokes. Anyway, Stewie said the f-word in church and there was a funny cutaway gag about racist Boston sports fan.

ITEM THREE: “Bob’s Burgers” remains the best of Fox’s animated lineup and perhaps the network’s best series since “King of the Hill.” It depicts a believable family with wise-cracking kids with terrific writing that manages to coast the line between absurdity and believability by coupling each episode with a catchy original song. The 11th season debuts with Bob worried about his personal faults and daughter Tina’s struggles to learn a hand-slapping game.

ITEM FOUR: Unavailable due to COVID-19 protocol.

ITEM FIVE: The magnificent crime anthology series “Fargo” returned after a three-year hiatus. This season centers the tension between Italian and Black crime families in Kansas City. The 2-hour opener also features a nurse who murders patients, a mixed-race couple and their 16-year-old daughter with a predilection for investigation and a police detective with obsessive compulsive disorder. Those who missed the previous seasons can jump in here and not miss a beat. “Fargo” was cable TV’s best series when it was on in 2014, 2015 and 2017. The year 2020 needs “Fargo” more than any of those years.

ITEM LAST: A previous edition of the Hot Sheet promised the message would self-destruct in 30 seconds. Many readers reported the message did not self-destruct and they felt cheated. We are working with our vendor to discover where this error occurred and hope to deliver promised self-destructing messages sometime late Q4 or early Q1. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Three out of four dentists recommend chewing Daniel P. Finney.

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  1. David Hubbard says:

    hELLO…cCANT SAY MUCH ABOUT SOME OF THE TOPICS TODAY…I KNOW THEY WERE AROUND…Those were both good and bad times,,,not as bad as now…This has been the hiccup year…My luck ran different during Barts rock star times….So still a tip of the hat..some fans are better than no fans..thanks… getting the ball over the plate srrtill.Ump Dan the man..Calling the shots.


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