5-sentence review of ‘Jolt’


Everybody seems to have a movie like “Jolt” on their streaming service these days — one in which a beautiful woman (or multiple beautiful women in the case of Netflix’s “Gunpowder Milkshake”) with a traumatic background who beats up and kills a lot of people as therapy.


“Jolt” steams on Amazon Prime and stars Kate Beckinsale as Lindy, a woman with unusually high adrenaline levels and a condition that makes her flip out and beat people up.


A creepy psychiatrist (Stanley Tucci) rigs up a device that allows Lindy to shock herself — hence the title “Jolt” — into preventing her Hulk-outs.


Lindy meets and shags a cute guy who is murdered the next day and she sets about on a revenge quest using her adrenalin superpower to beat up and kill lots of people.


“Jolt” offers a few twists, a few laughs – though at times it’s a bit too tongue-in-cheek, and Beckinsale charms her way through middling material to make this as good a use of 94 minutes as you can expect from a late summer release on a streaming service.

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