The beginning is in sight

I start work in about five weeks. I will be a middle school English teacher.

After two years of school, illness, and unemployment, I’ll be a fully employed and productive member of society. Thanks to the generosity of people like you that I can say that.

People rallied to pay for expensive knee surgery. People helped when cash was tight for rent, groceries, and gas.

This generosity has humbled me.

And it has restored my belief that there is kindness in a world with so many cruelties.

I hate to come to you with my hand out, but I’m trying to raise $1,500 to $2,000 to get me through the next five weeks.

I’m working part-time for a small weekly newspaper. I’m trying to learn about the minds of sixth graders and rehabbing my arthritic legs so that I can chase after them on my walker.

This money is for basics: rent, gas, groceries, and insurance. The money from my newspaper work blunts some costs, but with inflation hitting us all, filling up the tank or the refrigerator is a greater hassle than it was just a few months ago. So I’m asking for help.

No contribution is too small. Everything helps.

This site is set to close in mid-August when my teaching job starts. I’m not running a grift here. I’m just trying to make one last leap with the help of you beautiful people.

I can be reached at other sites:

Venmo: @newsmaone
Zelle: @newsmanone
Snail mail: Daniel P. Finney, 1217 24th St. Apt. 36 Des Moines, IA 50311

Daniel P. Finney wrote for newspapers for 27 years before being laid off in 2020. He teaches middle school English now. He writes columns and podcasts for, a free, reader-supported website. Please consider donating $10 a month to help him cover the expenses of this site.
Post: 1217 24th St., Apt. 36, Des Moines, 50311.


  1. Ng says:

    When you say this site will close, does that mean you won’t need help or you are no longer going to write paragraphs? That will make me very sad. I hope you at least do your podcast. You say you appreciate all our help, but if that’s really true you won’t abandon us . Your First Corespondent, NANCY GILCHRIST p.s. your podcast really get me through a tough work week.


    1. Oh, no. I’ll still write. I may do small fundraisers to pay for the ownership and software, but the sites I was talking about are the ones I started to help me pay bills during grad school and leading up to having a full-time job this fall.


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