It’s getting close now

It’s getting close now.

I’ve spent a week in training and have a few more days to go, but children will soon be in a classroom I’m leading. Wow. None of this could have happened without all your support and love. You humble me, friends, family, and especially those who know me only through my former career as a newspaper columnist. Bless you, all. This fundraiser will end Sept. 15, when my first paycheck arrives. I’ve got about a month worth of bills to pay and any support you give makes this final turn into the new career so much better. I remain honored if you want to chip in a few bucks for rent, insurance, power, and necessities.

With love and hope, Daniel Finney

You can also reach me on Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal. My email is

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  1. Luann Rowat says:

    Dan, please let me know what is needed for your classroom supplies. Kleenex, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes etc. Also, let me know if you would need any teen books for your classroom, I would like to donate any and all above.

    Sincerely, Luann Rowat


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