Finding grace from the stolen laundry bag

Update on the stolen laundry: It’s still stolen.

I spoke with a Des Moines police detective this morning. He was as polite as can be. He was also honest.

The chances of my bag being found are somewhere between impossible and miraculous.

He didn’t say that.

But I can read between the lines.

It’s OK.

I promise I won’t be going to work in my bathrobe like the Dude from “The Big Lebowski.”

I appreciate all the kindness people have shown me.

A classmate from East High School — a person I didn’t know all that well —bought me a pack of diabetic socks.

That was very kind.

To answer some frequently asked questions from my previous paragraph stack on this topic:

  1. No, unfortunately, there were no cameras in the area where the bag was taken.
  2. Yes, I have looked in the trash bins and around alleys in the area. No luck. My friend may a sweep of the area that morning while I was at work. I made another when I got home. The stuff is gone.
  3. Yes, I have renter’s insurance. However, this is an interesting case. They may pay me for the loss, but they may also say that I voluntarily left the items out in a public place, so tough luck. I’m filling out the paperwork and we’ll see what happens.
  4. Several of asked me for this, so here it is: You can find me on Venmo or PayPal through My home address is 1217 24th St., Apt. 36, Des Moines, IA 50311.
  5. New arrangements have been made with the laundry service to pick up my job on Saturdays when I’ll be home and delivered during the week when my property manager is in the office.

Thanks to everyone who showed so much kindness and concern. You are the reason I keep getting up in the morning.

Daniel P. Finney wrote for newspapers for 27 years before being laid off in 2020. He teaches middle school English now. He writes columns and podcasts for, a free, reader-supported website. Please consider donating $10 a month to help him cover the expenses of this site.
Post: 1217 24th St., Apt. 36, Des Moines, 50311.

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  1. Joseph Toubes says:

    The world is full of good people doing the right thing and we have the part that seems not to understand. I recall when I started teaching in Willliamsburg, everyone seemed to be happy I took the job there, but none of them did a danged thing to the kids on the girls track team, who put a large chunk of concrete on the roof of my car and damaged it. Hopefully with your new arrangement things will workout and maybe the property manager and the owner will install security cameras as it seems we are in the times where we unfortunately need them.


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