Drake women’s hoops great will fight brain cancer to the final whistle

A black-and-white picture hangs in my living room. The photo is almost 25 years old now. A student photographer took the picture at media day for the Drake women’s basketball team in 1996. We took a standard team photo, with everyone in rows and serious. For fun, I suggested they pose like it was forContinue reading “Drake women’s hoops great will fight brain cancer to the final whistle”

A throughly restless spring break

One day, hopefully soon, I will write an update and it will be lovely. I’ll talk about my new teaching job and how I’m looking forward to it. I’ll go on about how well my arthritic knees are responding to aquatic therapy. I might have even lost a few pounds. Surely my mental health willContinue reading “A throughly restless spring break”

How I learned the real meaning of generosity

My friend Tyler is faithful Lutheran. He became my friend out of a Christian act of kindness in March 1991 and we have remained so despite the different paths our lives have taken. He is married to his sweetheart, Sarah. They have two daughters. Tyler and I differ on a great many things, but weContinue reading “How I learned the real meaning of generosity”