Will Taylor Swift and the Rock save Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving fares poorly as a holiday in the 21st century. Some people argue the holiday represents the oppression of Native Americans and the violent seizure of their land and resources by white, European colonists. These people probably have a point. Certainly, our history is more complicated than the cartoonish myth of Native Americans and EuropeanContinue reading “Will Taylor Swift and the Rock save Thanksgiving?”

Your ‘I Voted’ sticker doesn’t impress me much

The election is over. It’s safe to watch football games again without being bored by candidates’ attack ads trying to convince you a vote for their opponent plunges us into the apocalypse. We can go back to the good commercials where Flo dates Jon Hamm in insurance commercials, AT&T deals on the latest iPhone detailedContinue reading “Your ‘I Voted’ sticker doesn’t impress me much”

Kids devour chips that are ‘bag-licking good’

So, I’m sitting in my fourth period grading some tests. The class is the longest of the day. We spend our time talking about social issues and playing educational games. It’s kind of what geezers like me would call homeroom. We pass along announcements, messages, and so on it to the kids. It’s near theContinue reading “Kids devour chips that are ‘bag-licking good’”