Kids devour chips that are ‘bag-licking good’

So, I’m sitting in my fourth period grading some tests. The class is the longest of the day. We spend our time talking about social issues and playing educational games. It’s kind of what geezers like me would call homeroom. We pass along announcements, messages, and so on it to the kids. It’s near theContinue reading “Kids devour chips that are ‘bag-licking good’”

Anxiety over a new job is a weird game of ‘What’s in the box?’

Anticipation used to be joyful. I remember being so excited for Christmas Day that I would go to bed and try to make myself sleep at 4 p.m. and magically make Christmas come faster. It never worked, but the strategy seemed solid at the time. In middle age, anticipation is dreadful. Every unknown carries aContinue reading “Anxiety over a new job is a weird game of ‘What’s in the box?’”

Podcast Episode #86: You can play video games as a goat or have dim sum delivered by a robot with a cat face. What a time to be alive!

Dan and Paul explore the beauty of life through goat simulator video games and cat-faced robots serving dim sum. Also, some guy on the internet compares old G.I. Joe guys. Musical guest: Spinal Tap.