If I fall, will my Apple Watch catch me?

The teacher’s schedule is admirable in many ways. The school day is technically over at 3:45 p.m., at least by our union contract. I don’t know many teachers who make it out of the building on the dot every day. I seldom do, but I’m not a veteran yet. We get nice breaks around theContinue reading “If I fall, will my Apple Watch catch me?”

Meekly, I wade into middle-age melancholia

I’ve felt my age a lot this year. It goes beyond the pain in my arthritic knees or other physical foibles brought on by age. Every day I discover something I thought was solid has turned to liquid and I’m drowning in uncertainty. The words of the late Joan Didion haunt me; in the prefaceContinue reading “Meekly, I wade into middle-age melancholia”

College football stinks, but the transfer portal is cool

The college football season ended Monday night. I sat down in my overstuffed brown recliner with a tumbler full of iced tea and a bag of Doritos. I was asleep by kickoff. I wanted to root for the Texas Christian Horned Frogs. My late friend and mentor Steve Buttry graduated from there. The late MickContinue reading “College football stinks, but the transfer portal is cool”