Your ‘I Voted’ sticker doesn’t impress me much

The election is over. It’s safe to watch football games again without being bored by candidates’ attack ads trying to convince you a vote for their opponent plunges us into the apocalypse. We can go back to the good commercials where Flo dates Jon Hamm in insurance commercials, AT&T deals on the latest iPhone detailedContinue reading “Your ‘I Voted’ sticker doesn’t impress me much”

Bill to remove teacher test is an A+ idea

A bill that would remove testing as a requirement for teaching licenses is before the Iowa Senate.  It passed the House unanimously.  Dear Iowa Senate, please pass this bill and get it under Gov. Kim Reynolds pen at once.  I rarely speak publicly about political issues anymore, but I confess my vested interest in thisContinue reading “Bill to remove teacher test is an A+ idea”

Are there any safe conversation topics anymore?

My friend Memphis Paul and I record a podcast called “Talking Paragraphs” nearly every weekend. Throughout the week, we pick up odd news stories and pin them for discussion on the podcast. We try to keep the recording to an hour. We usually run long. I edit the podcast. I started with just trimming longContinue reading “Are there any safe conversation topics anymore?”