Podcast: Which is worse — a bull in a China shop or a cow in a doctor’s office? Dan and Paul debate.

The following topics may or may not be discussed in the episode. Expect many deviations and a lot of nonsense in between.

Area man, 47, with cool car admits defeat, buys minivan

There’s no good way to say this without betraying maintain my cool exterior, so I’ll get on with it: I own a minivan now. This may perplex regular readers of these paragraphs because I do not have any of the accessories that usually go along with a minivan. I have no wife. I have noContinue reading “Area man, 47, with cool car admits defeat, buys minivan”

Kids devour chips that are ‘bag-licking good’

So, I’m sitting in my fourth period grading some tests. The class is the longest of the day. We spend our time talking about social issues and playing educational games. It’s kind of what geezers like me would call homeroom. We pass along announcements, messages, and so on it to the kids. It’s near theContinue reading “Kids devour chips that are ‘bag-licking good’”