Bad days and worse days

From the desk of friendly neighborhood Paragraph Stacker Daniel P. Finney. A chemical imbalance that manifests as depression and anxiety. They tag team on my thoughts. They sap the joy from my favorite things. They turn fun into fear. They sap my energy, snuff my humor and turn anger and hate inward. Depression wipes outContinue reading “Bad days and worse days”

How’s it going, Dude? Not too good, man. Not too good.

I’m exhausted. This year feels like a rolling fistfight and every day feels like I’m going to go down for the count for good. I started the year by writing the obituaries for the best teacher I ever had, Drake University’s Bob Woodward, and the best writer anyone ever knew, Ken Fuson. Then came pneumonia.Continue reading “How’s it going, Dude? Not too good, man. Not too good.”

HOT SHEET: Connery dead, mask misery, and Christmas cancelled

From the desk of Daniel P. Finney, sergeant of the watch, Drake Neighborhood Station, Des Moines, Iowa. ITEM FIRST: Breaking news bummer: Sean Connery has died. The Scottish actor was best known for playing the Zed in science fiction masterpiece “Xardox,” which popularized underwear with suspenders. ITEM TWO: After eight months in the pandemic, theContinue reading “HOT SHEET: Connery dead, mask misery, and Christmas cancelled”