This could be the last post on this blog ever

I believe writer’s block is an affectation experienced by successful authors who have made enough money to let their egos be picky. I am not a successful author. I’m a former journalist, maybe even a failed one. But I have found it hard to write of late. I am tired. The fall semester drained me.Continue reading “This could be the last post on this blog ever”

Where I’m from

Graduate school at Drake University starts Monday. These days the professors issue assignments before a first class is held. I’ve got to read some executive summaries about climate volatility for a contemporary American literature class focused on post-apocolyptic novels. One of my education professors assigned a poem for our education methods class. The poem isContinue reading “Where I’m from”

The fear 4 hours before doctor appointment

My appointment with the specialist doctor is at 9 a.m. It’s currently 4 a.m. I’m scared. I know that to get better, I need to see this doctor. But I’m afraid. I’ve never had surgery before. I don’t even know if I need surgery. But I’m scared of it. I think about all the DrakeContinue reading “The fear 4 hours before doctor appointment”