Juicy details of surgery gone exactly as planned

My friend Mimi pulled her SUV up to the emergency room doors at Iowa Lutheran Hospital early Friday morning. The first thought I had: “My mother died here.” That was as grim as my thoughts got on the day that I had arthroscopic knee surgery to fix a torn meniscus in my left knee. TheContinue reading “Juicy details of surgery gone exactly as planned”

Fighting breast cancer, she still helps others

My friend Patty Graziano stopped by with a foil pan of stuffed pasta shells. She brought the dish as a donation to a fundraiser set up by my friend Mary in advance of pending knee surgery. You can still donate here if you’re of a mind to do such a thing. I met Patty severalContinue reading “Fighting breast cancer, she still helps others”

How homemade stew taught me to accept love

Mary Hoover played girls’ basketball at East High School. That’s how I met her. She was one the stars of the underperforming Scarlets squad and I was sports editor of the school paper. I took my job seriously. I went to every game. I took notes. I interviewed coaches and players after games. I refusedContinue reading “How homemade stew taught me to accept love”