Count blessings, not $4,000 surgery bill

Knee update: I visited the surgeon at the Des Moines Orthopedic Center in West Des Moines. The doctor recommended an arthroscopic procedure at Lutheran Hospital. He said it would take about 2 hours, the surgery was virtually risk free, and I’d be on my feet the next day or so. Physical therapy might not evenContinue reading “Count blessings, not $4,000 surgery bill”

I’m too fat for an MRI at the zoo

Phone rings. The physician’s assistant from my orthopedic doctor is on the line. Bad news. Because of my weight (I’m morbidly obese), there’s not an MRI machine in town I can fit into. “We even tried the zoo,” he said. I’ll repeat that for people who think I made it up: They even tried theContinue reading “I’m too fat for an MRI at the zoo”

Morning lies give way to pain symphony

Morning lies. There’re a few minutes after I wake up when my knee and its torn meniscus feels fine. It’s as if my body has forgotten the injury. Sometimes I can make it across the bedroom to the bathroom with only the common stiffness attributable to middle age. But the lie evaporates all too quickly.Continue reading “Morning lies give way to pain symphony”