Why are we only ‘merry’ at Christmas?

The passage of Christmas marks the end of two traditions people often forget. First, the usage of the word “merry” drops off to practically zero until October of the next year. I don’t why “merry” is so closely associated with Christmas and not any other occasion, but so it goes. Merry is a perfectly fineContinue reading “Why are we only ‘merry’ at Christmas?”

Joy of profanity: A lot of words about old, dirty words

Beware: I curse. A college classmate once said of my language that when I go into the bar, the sailors leave. My language is so blue gangs of Oompa Loompa’s have tried to roll me down to the juicing room before I explode. I note this because a reader emailed me to say she wouldContinue reading “Joy of profanity: A lot of words about old, dirty words”