Juicy details of surgery gone exactly as planned

My friend Mimi pulled her SUV up to the emergency room doors at Iowa Lutheran Hospital early Friday morning. The first thought I had: “My mother died here.” That was as grim as my thoughts got on the day that I had arthroscopic knee surgery to fix a torn meniscus in my left knee. TheContinue reading “Juicy details of surgery gone exactly as planned”

Getting through surgery with Grumpy Bear

Problems occur in the space between emotional reaction and intellectual understanding. I understand that the surgery I’m having on my knee sometime after 5:30 a.m., Friday, is a low-risk procedure. The surgeon used the phrase “almost no risk.” People who’ve had the surgery, including Dad 2.0, reported a relatively easy recovery and great improvement inContinue reading “Getting through surgery with Grumpy Bear”

I’m too fat for an MRI at the zoo

Phone rings. The physician’s assistant from my orthopedic doctor is on the line. Bad news. Because of my weight (I’m morbidly obese), there’s not an MRI machine in town I can fit into. “We even tried the zoo,” he said. I’ll repeat that for people who think I made it up: They even tried theContinue reading “I’m too fat for an MRI at the zoo”