Reserve your urgent care time before you get really sick

I’ve been sick since late August. I’ve got a rattle in my chest that would make some poisonous Madison County snakes jealous. I’ve done telemedicine with my primary care doctor. The treatment she prescribed ended and my cough remained. It was a Monday. My doctor was out of the office until Wednesday. I have asthmaContinue reading “Reserve your urgent care time before you get really sick”

Let’s retire the pandemic filler phrase ‘be safe’

I called the credit union with a question about something, I don’t remember what. The woman who answered helped me. I thanked her. She wished me well and closed with, “Stay safe.” Stay safe? From what? Oh, right. The pandemic. That’s still a thing. I don’t think about it much anymore. I’m not a frontlineContinue reading “Let’s retire the pandemic filler phrase ‘be safe’”

A throughly restless spring break

One day, hopefully soon, I will write an update and it will be lovely. I’ll talk about my new teaching job and how I’m looking forward to it. I’ll go on about how well my arthritic knees are responding to aquatic therapy. I might have even lost a few pounds. Surely my mental health willContinue reading “A throughly restless spring break”