No time is a good time of day when you’re unemployed

The daytime is the worst. All my friends are at work. I am at home. Unemployed. Driftless. Listless. Purposeless. I stare at job boards. I apply. I call. Any news? Any openings? Maybe it’s a special day where I’ll get a form letter rejection via email. And, oh, look at that inbox: The only jobContinue reading “No time is a good time of day when you’re unemployed”

Writer no more? That looks like my future

When I worked at my old shop, I joked about how arcane the craft of journalism was. One of my oft-repeated lines was being a practicing journalist in the 21st century is like being an endangered species that is still actively hunted. Ha, ha. I had many such jests. A newspaper newsroom is like livingContinue reading “Writer no more? That looks like my future”