Dead mentors leave clues as to when I feel like a real teacher

I knew my days in newspapers were almost over when I wrote the obituaries for Ken Fuson and Robert D. Woodward on the same day. Ken was the best writer any of us at the Register have ever known. He may have been the best writer in the history of the Register. He was aContinue reading “Dead mentors leave clues as to when I feel like a real teacher”

Bill to remove teacher test is an A+ idea

A bill that would remove testing as a requirement for teaching licenses is before the Iowa Senate.  It passed the House unanimously.  Dear Iowa Senate, please pass this bill and get it under Gov. Kim Reynolds pen at once.  I rarely speak publicly about political issues anymore, but I confess my vested interest in thisContinue reading “Bill to remove teacher test is an A+ idea”

The fear 4 hours before doctor appointment

My appointment with the specialist doctor is at 9 a.m. It’s currently 4 a.m. I’m scared. I know that to get better, I need to see this doctor. But I’m afraid. I’ve never had surgery before. I don’t even know if I need surgery. But I’m scared of it. I think about all the DrakeContinue reading “The fear 4 hours before doctor appointment”