Bill to remove teacher test is an A+ idea

A bill that would remove testing as a requirement for teaching licenses is before the Iowa Senate.  It passed the House unanimously.  Dear Iowa Senate, please pass this bill and get it under Gov. Kim Reynolds pen at once.  I rarely speak publicly about political issues anymore, but I confess my vested interest in thisContinue reading “Bill to remove teacher test is an A+ idea”

A throughly restless spring break

One day, hopefully soon, I will write an update and it will be lovely. I’ll talk about my new teaching job and how I’m looking forward to it. I’ll go on about how well my arthritic knees are responding to aquatic therapy. I might have even lost a few pounds. Surely my mental health willContinue reading “A throughly restless spring break”

Trying to extend unemployment? Prepare to bang your head against the bureaucracy

Our story so far … May 2020: The local newspaper discards with your friendly neighborhood paragraph stacker in a round of layoffs amidst the pandemic. August 2020: After months of fruitless job searching, Finney begins graduate school at Drake University to finish his master’s degree and become a schoolteacher. December 2020: Finney takes a jobContinue reading “Trying to extend unemployment? Prepare to bang your head against the bureaucracy”