Podcast 106: Will Cocaine Bear the movie be the next Sharknado? Paul goes to a gastro pub and triggers Dan’s acid reflux; Plus: John Madden’s disembodied voice

Items of modest interest are discussed in mild tones by two old college buddies on different sides of the Mason-Dixon line.

Dan and Paul present the 100th episode of the Talking Paragraphs podcast

Talking Paragraphs is the longest-running podcast between a teacher in Des Moines and an accountant in Memphis. The powerhouse combo has producedd 100 podcasts listened to by as many as five to seven people a week. Their path to being cultural influencers is set.

#85: Memphis Vice stop Italian snail terror attack

Memphis port authorities bust 90 pounds of illegal Italian snails. Toys R Us may return from the dead. Dan goes to the eye doctor for the first time since 1998. Speed round: “The Captain” documentary, upcoming Arsenal season, and Winnie the Pooh is a horror movie.