Podcast: Detoxing from Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trials; Online shopping for retro gear; In praise of Oklahoma softball; Revenge of the Mullet

103: Self-order kiosk debacle at McDonald’s; US men’s soccer team vs. Taylor Swift fans Talking Paragraphs

1. Self-order McDonald’s kiosk/tictok 2. US national team pisses off Taylor Swift fans 3. The mediocre seasons of Iowa and Oklahoma 4. Unreasonable UPS encounter 5. Netflix — CCR documentary and concert, Wednesday Addams show, and the documentary Hey Pepsi Where’s My Jet 6. Watched She-Hulk 7. Astros playoff shares 8. German win beer joke? 9. US vs England and James qCorridon 10. SPAM figgy pudding 11. Ronald Man U. 12. Burrito eating champ technique — July 4 hotdog 13. Hugh Jackman diet 14. 40 chickens in 40 days 15. Cocktail cookbook — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/talkingparagraphs/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/talkingparagraphs/support
  1. 103: Self-order kiosk debacle at McDonald’s; US men’s soccer team vs. Taylor Swift fans
  2. 102: Qatar vs. Budweiser, Taylor Swift vs. Ticketmaster, and Dan’s new wheels
  3. 101: The trouble with buying a new computer; plus RIP Kevin Conroy and Gallagher
  4. 100: Takies chips “bag licking good;” Kyrie and Kanye’s race to bottom; and farewell Ray Guy
  5. 99: Distancing ourselves from Kanye; Sexy Wordle Halloween costumes; FedEx sacks Roxo the self-delivery robot; and why you shouldn't walk from Spain to Qatar

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  1. Nancy Gilchrist says:

    I am not dead Paul.


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