4 thoughts on “The newsman’s new digs: Goodrell Middle School: Room 1080

  1. Terry Meek says:

    So good to see you in you classroom, Daniel! It’s been a long road, but this next few weeks and coming years will be a hand adventure for you!! And I know that you will like your new occupation so much. Now you can examine how to engage those young minds! What grade are you teaching?

    Can wait to see the book, r stories about your teaching experiences. Best wishes for the coming weeks. And I know you will enjoy kick starting new young minds towards writing and or publishing careers. Have fun!


  2. Luannrowat1985@gma says:

    Oh my gosh, Dan! Welcome back to the Eastside! Love your classroom set up, and all your creativity that went into it’s design.


  3. Luann Rowat says:

    Dan, your classroom will be so envied by both students and staff at Goodrell. Your design of your very own room is awesome. Congratulations and best wishes on your new journey


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